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Jun 03, 2013

IAG Report 1/2013 - risk assessment of psychological stressors - tips to get started

Cover page to the IAG report 1/2013This IAG report is a practical guide aimed at anyone who is interested in the risk assessment of psychological stressors.

The guide is based on experiences in the risk assessment of psychological stressors and describes what has to be considered and how the risk assessment can take place.

Apr 29, 2013

Event: Quiet machinery – Higher competitiveness and better health

NOMAD LogoManufacturers of machines and employers have clear legal duties to reduce and manage risks from noise but they are not the only players. Professional buyers, occupational health and safety experts, national authorities (labour inspectors and market surveillance bodies), Notified Bodies, standardisers and others also bear some responsibility.

The NOMAD survey found that 80 % out of the noise declarations reviewed in 1500 instruction manuals do not satisfy the requirements of the European "Machinery" and "Outdoor Noise" Directives. Is low noise emission a design objective of manufacturers?

In order to raise awareness and improve this unsatisfactory situation, the European Commission and ADCO-Machines kindly invite all stakeholders to gather for a Workshop.

Apr 15, 2013

Promotion of mental health as a management task - E-learning tool for managers

cover sheet 'Promotion of mental health as a management task 
E-learning tool for managers
'In view of limited staff resources and increasing workloads, keeping calm in stress situations and keeping an eye on the well-being of employees, is a lot to ask of an executive.

The psyGA project offers practical support in the form of different materials and tools for companies of any size in all industries. The eLearning tool for the promotion of mental health is a new service. It provides easy to understand suggestions explaining how managers can protect their employees from excessive stress and stay healthy themselves.

May 07, 2012

Psychosocial risk assessment in Germany - Implementation, drivers and barriers

cover sheet 'Psychosocial risk assessment in Germany
Implementation, drivers and barriers'These studies clearly demonstrate that only a small proportion of companies which carry out risk assessment do it in a comprehensive way including also psychosocial risks. On the basis of these results, recommendations for practical implementation are developed.


Database with practical aids for the risk assessment

The search mask affords you basically three possibilities for searching the database available:

  1. plain text search or
  2. a search limited by the characteristic of the practical aid
    (specific practical aids or base knowledge) or
  3. a combination of 1 and 2.
    (plain text search and limitation by characteristic of the practical aid)

1. Plain text search

To search the database for any terms or topics you can use the plain text search. This means that the records are scanned once the search term has appeared in the data fields of title, short description and description.

You can search for single terms or a number of terms simultaneously. No distinction is drawn between upper case and lower case. You can combine a number of search terms with AND and OR.

As standard a number of terms in the search enquiry are automatically linked with AND. This means that all terms sought must be in the document found (e.g. the search for stress strains will find pages which contain both terms).

If you link the terms with OR, you can search for a number of terms simultaneously (e.g. the search for stress or strain will find pages which contain either stress or strain or both terms).

At the end of and within the search term any number of letters may be substituted by *, (e.g. the search for str* will also find documents containing the term "strain").

If you place a series of characters within quotation marks, only those pages will be found which contain the search terms in exactly the order shown (e.g. "stress - mind - health").

2. Limitation by characteristics of the practical aid

Depending on the selection of the radio button

  • specific practical aids or
  • basic knowledge

the options on the right hand side permit one to limit the search result further. If you select one or more of these options, a pop-up window will open in each case where you can make your choice. You can narrow the choice down further by opening additional sub-catalogues with the plus sign.

3. Combinations of 1 and 2

To narrow the search results down further you can combine the plain text search with the search limited by characteristics of the practical aid.

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